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What you addicted to ??

Guest helloimtim

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1). Family

2). Any Technology and electronics (the gamut runs from blackberry to mainframes)

3). Guns (from muzzle loaders to Aegis-guided weapons)

4). HD big rides

5) dark brews

6) anything outdoors(camping, fishing, etc.)

i like all those too, especially #3

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I'd say 1, 2, and 3. I Love spending time with my family!Playing,tweaking,repairing, etc..computers. Also love being outdoors, hunting deer, dove, quail, you name it. Oh yea, resopalrabotnic I think you can go to the local mental hospital. They will give you drugs so you can be addicted to something else.  :haha:  :haha:   :evil6:

Edit: Almost forgot I loooooooooove my guns!!! :twogun::ar15fire:

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