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Problems with my connect, please help.

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I Resently reformated my harddrives.  Now my internet disconnect and reconnect constantly and logs me off AIM.  This is getting really annoying.  I can't download files from websites because it will disconnect and i have to restart and it keeps doing it.  I have an Arescom NetDSL 800 with qwest.  Intel PRO/100 VE Ethernet card.  I updated my drivers for it but it didn't help.  I'm running on Windows XP SP2.  Can you guys help me out?  I tried search on google and couldn't find much that helped. thanks

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hey bonfire,

could be a couple things there:

-first be sure to powercycle: shut down computer, router if you're on one, and modem, wait for about a minute, check the connections, bring modem up, wait a minute, bring up router if you're on one, wait one minute, then bring up your computer

-be sure to scan for viruses and spyware (did you format due to infection issues?)

-try disabling XP firewall and any other firewalls or antiviruses that could possibly be interfering

-try some pings and tracerts from the command prompt

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i dont really know what it mean, but it says failed and i think thats bad.  i reset my tcp/ip going to restart now.  i know it not my modem because it worked fine before i reformated.  i already called qwest and they just reset some stuff.

I reformated because i was adding a new harddrive in and i just wanted to start over with the new drive.

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like FallowEarth said, shut off your modem, router and pc, leave modem off for atleast 30 seconds and make a new linequality test

your first hop ping is above 80 ms and it shuld be tops around 30 ms if your on interleaved mode and around 1-10 ms if your on fastpath

VanBuren :)

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