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should i upgrade?


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well i ordered my sapphire 9800pro video card from newegg.com and got in the next day awesome ! But it  does not seem to run to smoothly. I do notice a difference but i is not tha smooth. I guess it could be my system as well but i was wondering if i should upgrade to this card http://secure.newegg.com/NewVersion/FeedBack/CustratingReview.asp?item=N82E16814122206

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I had this issue with my Radeon 9800 pro. I went to the ATI site and downloaded the latest drivers, as well as making sure DirectX 9 c was installed as well. <br><br> When I first installed the card, I tested it playing DOOM 3. She ran a bit skippy, and you could see the graphics being drawn in a big blurry line through the middle of the monitor. I downloaded and installed latest drivers, as well as changed my monitors refresh rate....which I believe also helped. Now she runs smooth as silk. <br><br>What are your pc's specs? I'm running an AMD xp3200 with a gig of memory, 7200 rpm HD. Not really that fast or great of a machine but she does a couple of things well and for 700 bucks I'm happy.<br><br>BTW- what were you testing the card on ? A game ?My machine can't run DOOM 3 with all the effects powered max. I get loads of slow down especially when there are many enemies on screen. I just went into the options and fiddled with the sliders (lowering vid quality.) Still looks great but runs much much better.<br><br> I hope this helps.<br><br>SteveH11

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