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Question about Wireless B adapter-HELP


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I really know this isnt really the place to be asking this but im hoping someone can help.. I bought a Wireless B Game adapter for my PS2 and i thought it was going to work but everytime i try to connect to socom 2 it connects tot he internet and then authenticating DNAS data and then it goes to Locating available universes but it freezes there and says Connection Failure.. i cant figure out whats going on. there is a strong wireless signal and everything but i cant get it to work, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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this is for playstation... My guess is that you have not open the correct ports to be able to play online...

How do I get around my Firewall?

If your PC or your router has a firewall, the easiest way to circumvent this problem is to run your Ethernet cable directly from the modem to the Network Adaptor.

Most routers have a DMZ feature that will allow you to bypass firewall issues.

If these options do not work, it is possible to configure your firewall to allow PlayStation 2 online traffic. Configure your firewall to allow information to flow in from the following ports:

SOCOM: Amplitude, US Navy Seals, Twisted Metal: Black Online, NFL GameDay 2003

TCP Ports: 10070

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