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website user connection testing

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I would like to see some html i can add to my website that tests around 100 users connections and reports back to my account, it would be intrestingto see if people are using modem on my site or broadband on my website more often and the averaged speed need to serve the website. I'm new if this is feater already, forgive me :D

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I can build something like that....

Correct me if I'm wrong... you want it set up to do a little quick test before the user enters your site, the info will then be logged either to our database server or have the option to log to your server... you can then tell from that data how many users are on broadband, you may also want the option to send the broadband users to a different section of the website upon completion of the test...

I used to offer something like that, but it was a very simple script.  It just forwarded boradband users to one place and slower users to another... the logging of the data would be a great addition.

I will keep this in mind, I have a huge list of things I will need to finish before I could start another project.  But this could be a great tool for webmasters to use.

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