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Some ?'s please.


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Hello All,

We have been notified that FiOS is coming to us by the end of the year.  (Palm Desert, CA.)  They have already came and marked the streets up with orange paint.  I currently have Road Runner cable and am generally happy with it.  I really don't do much downloading of binaries or music etc. so I am wondering if FiOS is for me. I mostly do web surfing and newsgroup reading.  I certainly would be willing to change to fios if it will increase web surfing but from what I have heard the high speed of Fios doesn't really help in that capacity.  Is this true?  Also, I have a home security system with the fire alarm tied to it and am wondering if anyone with Fios has had issues with this?  The price I would pay for Fios is the same that I am paying now for cable so I guess it couldn't hurt but with most things new, there are always bugs to work out so I am wondering given the facts I have stated above, if I should get it or not.  Opinions please.


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The fact that it is the same price should be enough to move you to FIOS. It's true...for normal web surfing there will not be much difference but that's because the sites you are visiting cannot provide it to you as fast as you can receive it. I have not seen any bugs yet and I've had it for 2 months.

As far as the home security...I'm assuming your concerned about dialer issues....it will have no effect.  Sounds like you have some time to think about it anyway.

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