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direcway and vonage broadband phone service


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:angry5:I hve had the direcway 6000 less than 6 months.I recently purchased a vonage phone. The remote area where I live has no land line phone lines. Cell phone service is fair. My problem is my upload speed is too slow.0.7. If I move my dish on top of the house will my upload  and download speeds be  better? If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.


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mtnsprfarm ...welcome to the forum... ;)

And the odds are ..vonage isn't going to work with Dway....at least no one in this forum has gotten it to work. The slow U/L and D/l speeds are only a part of it....the large latency time also plays a big factor...the Dway forum has more info on this...just do a search for vonage at the top of the page.. :-|

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I would suggest Skype (www.skype.com).  This is free for Skype-to-Skype users and costs for Skype "In" and "Out"...  The technology is much less band width intensive than Vonage (which I use as my primary home phone)...  The quality is also much better than a "regular" pot line...  I was shocked today when I was using it on a shared ISDN connection (128k) and it was working fine...  With Voip (vonage) (which would never work on ISDN) you really have to have packet/port priority for it to work half way decent, with Skype, I've found I don't even need to do that... Best of Luck...Rich

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