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hosting 3 sites on apache need help with upload bandwidth


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hey guys im currently hosting 3 sites i dont know if i can list them here so you can see how slow they load if i cant im very sorry and im not trying to spam !! but look at this one www.zonemikel.com now im very confused about my upload speed which machine should i test it from ? ill give you a layout of my setup

[glow=red,2,300]cable modem[/glow]

[glow=red,2,300]linksys router (wireless +4 rj45's)[/glow]

from the router

**** there is also a cable to a 10mbs at&t hub that shoots out to one house with another hub and one computer then to another house with one hub and 2 computers (sharing with neighbors !!)******

also i have two systems plugged in to the router

1. linux (fedora core3)|webserver| hosting 3 sites with little trafic maybe 1000 hits a month or less im not sure

2. Windows2003 serv |fileserver for intranet|

then we go to my baystack 350-24t 10/100mbs autosensing

it has other systems connected to it that i ocasionally have on

letz try and draw a picture ! [glow=red,2,300]

cable modem -

              linksys router -linux server (FC3)

                                  -win2003 server (bit torrent machine azerous)

                                  -old at&t hub (10mb/s) -

                                                100ft cable to another 10mb/s hub - one xp box with p2p

                                                                      - yet another 100ft cable to another 10mb/s hub - one xp box w/ p2p

                                                                                                                                                  - one xp box w/ p2p [/glow]


now im using bittorrent (azerous) just started like yesterday and the other computers (my neighbors) are hardcore into P2P and have imesh on all the time

can anyone help me optimize this so i can have greater upload speed ?

and tell me which system to test from to get a accurate reading ?

and a few other questions .. can i limit the upload speed from the other computers so i can run it all to my linux server ? because the p2p crap everyone does on my network will like never stop ?

i would love to give my two servers all of my upload speed through the router or something but im not sure how ... itz a linksys let me know if yallneed the model #

by the way thanks for this site it is kick ass  :)

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yes you can limit your bandwidth to your Linux box but first  are you using the linksys box with the sveasoft hacks  if so then go to the qos part and say ( Linux box ip) say give it all the bandwidth. If you don't have a linksys's box with qos or a router with qos then you may have to make your windows 2003 box a router because it can do more then what a linsys box can. I'm sure you know but maybe not cable modems are not used for upload connections  so anything you may want to look into a server from www.theplanet.com or a web server plan

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ok buddy first of all ... thanks for replying !! i appreciate it ...  :mrgreen:

i didnt even know there were hacks for the frimware ... i had always heard of people using linux boxes as routers but i have no idea why im kinda new to the linux world but i love it ...

:)Q;1 anyway i went to go this "sveasoft hack" but i dont think itz for my router i have a BEFW11S4 so i dont know if this kind of software exist for it if it does can you please tell me what it is called or where to get it  ?

:)Q:2 and if not maybe i could bypass the router and use the linux box as the router could i do that since im hosting the webpages on it ?  how secure would it be and would i be able to rout all the upload bandwidth to the linux box ? ill find tutorials or if you wanna shoot some my way ? or should i use the win2003 box ?

:)Q:3 maybe im really old but i remember alot of people talking about "uncapping" your cable modem to make the upstream just as fast as the downstream ? by doing hardware modifications is this like obsolete ?

last question could you tell me if it takes a long time for my page to load ? www.zonemikel.com i tried it from the college down the street it was like 30 seconds ...

as for theplanet OUCH  thatz expencive ... im trying to run it out of my home for a while to learn how to and because itz cheap but if i get alot of users on one of my sites or any income i hope to upgrade to a different connection with more upstream !

thanks in advance !

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q1 no only the WRT54G and  WRT54GS

q2. Yes i said win2003 because it is easier for people to use and make a Nat router  you may ask me for help if you would like to do that

q3 no thats not going to work one because anyone who tryed that  gets cute off from there isp

q4 loads pretty low  and i see your site needing to be up 24/7 and road runner is not an 99.9 isp or cable is not reliable at all

yeah theplanet servers are on the best network you could ask for  so your webpage would be always up

But this would but better for you http://www.chronichosting.com/index.php?a=home 

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well im not making ANY money from these sites so im not trying to spend any money on them either .... anyway thanks for your help you said i could still ask you for help in making the win2003 box a router well im asking ! one more ? why wouldnt the linux box be a better router ? im not worried about easy to use im worried about performace ! i want my money for nothing and my chicks for free

could you explain the process of setting up a server in win2003 and linux in a nutshell i dont need any baby talk just tell me the overall process and ill figure it out


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