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I've been hearing a lot about the inability to connect to emergency 911 over IP.

Does this limitation also apply to FiOS?



I'm sorry...I'm quite the Noob at this.  I thought Verizon converts your phone to fiber as well.  I guess what I am asking is *IF* Verizon converts you phone to fiber, does that afftect the ability to call 911?



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yes fios will allow and support 911 there was problems with VoIP NOT supporting but that is an FCC regualation that THEY are working on and it does NOT effect FiOS


Power goes out = Battery kicks in and powers your phone AND DATA yes AND DATA dont let anyone tell you otherwise when u pick up the phone after a while the battery will go into sleep mode to conserve power in case of emgencies so you will hear dead air, a click and then your phone wil come back on since the battery will realize that there is an outgoing connection being made and it will snap on.

ALSO after a while when the battery starts to go low from what i have been told incoming phone service will be interuptted since it will be conserving power for emergencies but to be honest i dunno since well i dont have FiOS AND i havent encountered anyone without power to test the theory.

Hope that helped.

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TM - Are all FIOS customers locally powered?

Seems like that will become a freaking battery replacement nightmare a couple years down the road.

And yes, I understand glass can't carry AC or DC, blah blah blah, but the twisted pair nearby still has ~48VDC on it.

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yes all FiOS cust are locally powered and No the battery replacement wont be a nightmare since u can go out and buy any battery on the market that matches the model and type we use which is basically one of those big flashlight batteries.

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Ok, where to begin.

First, FIOS does not have problems with 911 as VOIP does.  Your voice on FIOS is just going over the fiber instead of copper, otherwise everything is the same.  It is not the same at all like VOIP.

Second, yes, FIOS must be powered by the end user.  When they come to install, they tell you the ONT and BBU (Battery Backup) must be close to an outlet, because you will be powering the ONT and BBU from your own power.  Fiber is a passive network, and doesn't have the ability to power the phone, like copper does.

Finally,  when the power goes out, you will have about 10 mins of ALL services still running off the BBU.  After about 10 mins, if the power has not come back on, YOU WILL LOSE DATA and VIDEO, but NOT VOICE.  Therefore, the phones will continue to work for 8 or so hours.  However, if you are very concerned about that, you can purchase a UPS (even a cheaper one will do, like ~$30-50), and plug the BBU into the UPS.  By doing this, the BBU won't realise the power is out, and won't signal the ONT to drop DATA or Video.  Also, the whole system should last a lot longer than 8 hours with the UPS attached (provided nothing else is also attached to the UPS draining the power).

Hope that explains everything.  Please post if you have any more questions.


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