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help out with this forum homies.....


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what is a good transfer rate? (my last one thru my ps2 was 49.2) Hitting your CAP for the type of package you are buying

what is a good ping test? Lowest number of milliseconds possible on the ping

what is a good packet test? No or low packet loss

Welcome to the forum, zulu79  :)

For the packet and ping test, are you looking for a tester or just what to look for during a test?

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Transfer rate is the speed at which you send or receive data from another computer.  Upload speed(Transfer rate) is the speed at which you send data to another machine, download is the speed at which you receive information.  There are alot of factors involved with overall speed up or down.  When you first had your internet set up, they should have told you what your package caps (Maximums for upload and download speeds) are.  If you can find this out, you can compare those with the actual tests you do here at testmy.  There are ways to increase your current speeds, which are called tweaks.  If you want to, find out what your max speeds are for your internet connection (maybe call your isp) then run a test and post your test and package information here.  We'll give you a hand with interpreting the results.

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