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Is broadband vulnerable to Denial of Service attack with Ping ?


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They are vulnerable, they're just not as easy to attack. There have been some virus' in the past few years that have been spread to thousands of computers. They lay dormant until a certain set time, then on the programmed time all of them ping a certain site all at the same time, trying to DoS it. I remember one even brought down part of an ATM banking system.

Just one person pinging a site most likely wont have any effect at all.

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Hey all; any other members want to contribute to this topic as well?

netmasta :thanks for awnsering I put these links in another topic If you read them do you think this type of DoS attack could shut down a broadband server.Since my ISP inly blocks Ping for their dialup I am trying to find out if broadband is just as vulnerable.Then ask what security measures they use for their broadband that they are not using for their dialup .Then why.I had ping with my former dialup ISP but I didn't like other aspects of it.




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