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Is this a coincidence or what.One of our fellow members here has RR premium and now has a 16 Mbps download speed,and there are news that Adelphia will be upgrading their premier service from 6 Mbps to 16 Mbps.Now my point is could the buyout of Adelphia mean that everyone will get those speeds?

Heres the article for more info:


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Im under TWC,and I know theyre part of the deal also,so maybe thats why one of our members has a 16 Mbps download but from RR,none the less I know TWC/Adelphia/Comcast are gonna have something big in store for us.

Like u said RR always sets pace for something good,just hope the upload increases lol :haha:

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now basic RR needs to be 10/1

Yea I have a feeling the basic service would be anywhere between 10-13 Mbps.

10/1 is more logical,but if you noticed basic was always 3Mbps less than premium,so if premium is 16 then im hoping we get 13 :haha: Also hopefully upload is 2 Mbps for both services,then everything will be fine :D

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