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Your first PC


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Good day people. Here's one For ya:<br><br>What are the hardware specs for the first PC you ever built from the ground up. Include the year and cost.<br><br>ABIT mobo<br>Pentium II @ 266MHz<br>ATI expert @ play AGP 1x vid card <br>Diamond Monster 3dfx addon vid card<br>SoundBlaster AWE 64 gold sound card<br>64 meg SDRAM <br>6 gig 5400rpm HD<br>Viewsonic 19" monitor.<br>Altec/Lansing 200 watt sound w/sub <br>Microsoft Ergonomic keys<br>Logitech mouseman<br>16 x Creative CDrom<br>56k USRobotics modom...Upgraded to V90...WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!I <br><br>I thought I was the BOMB. Then 3 weeks later P III comes out. I believe it was December 98/Jan99 And I spent 2500 bucks. It amazes me what 2500 would buy now. Have fun Y'all.<br><br>Steve<br><br>edited to save space.

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It's amazing to see how quickly technology went up back then. They've been stuck at the below 4 gig mark for some time.(granted that's all about to change with 64 bit and sli.) When I built that machine it was state of the art...with the exception of the 266 P2. I could've chosen a 300 MHz processor, but opted for the 3dfx card. Quake 2 screamed on that machine.

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486 pentium.

4x cd rom

8mb of ram

15" monitor

i dont remember what video it had in.

The BIGGEST soundcard I have ever seen, i still have it I think



8gb hard drive

This was in the mid 90's I believe

Paid roughly $2500 for it,

Now I have a

P4 3.2ghz

1024mb ram

cheapo cd burner

nvidia 5700 ultra

Sound Blaster 2. 160GB HDD

Paid about 900 bucks for it.... goes to show as technology advanced, prices went down

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Pentium MMX 200 mhrz

EDO ram 80. (Plus 16 built in.)

Voodoo2 16 megs

17" CRT

56k v90

3 gig hd

All for $50

It came with others, and the motherboard could go up to 233 mhrz and 128 ram. lol... 2 PCI and 2 ISA(sp?) ports.

Build in USB, but the company made a booboo and the motherboard couldn't support it yet, it had the ports.

LoL, talk about price.

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1995, Packard Bell, store bought, around $2500.

486 33 MHz (upgraded to 66 MHz)

4 MB Ram (upgraded to 12 MB)

210 MB Hard Drive (upgraded to 2 Gigs)

2400 Baud modem

Sound and Video dont recall.

First real computer, before that a Commodore Vic20.

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WMMC...who even made video for 486 era pc's? Was your modem the kind where you stuck the phone ear/mouth into a reciever ??? 4 meg of ram used to be so much eh ??? Back then though, that PC was probably awesome.<br><br>Did you run that 1st windows ? could win 95 run on it. ?

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Internal modem, before I had the chance to upgrade the modem got another much faster PC.

Edit: Forgot about OS.

At first it was Windows for Workgroups 3.11 then bought Win 95 upgrade.

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Sept. 1997....bought all parts at a computer fair in topsfield, mass. from a shady character with a tractor-trailer full of parts:

Case:        Acer

Mobo/CPU: mobo was never known; CPU was a horrific 1st generation Pentium100 mhz.

RAM:          2x16mb SDRam..

HD:            ~800 Mb. & very slowwwwwww  lol

Audio:        Turtle Beach

Video:          Acer on-board if i recall; it was total gypsy

Modem:        originally a 14.4 external; big upgrade to 56k right before we dropped it of the roof  at my job ( 8 stories )....

Signs of the Times:

AOL 2.0 was all the rage...

Prodigy Internet was still in business...

Netscape was preferred over IE...

Millions of Win95 users hacked by BackOrifice due to a default file-sharing setting in Win95...

Thank God, time marches on ~!  ;) ;)


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first was not a pc, but a mac (prox 1991)

a Mac IIsi

had a 20 mhz processor (could actually hear it writing on the 3.5 floppy) :haha:

80 mb hard drive :haha:

the first "real" graphics prog was aldus freehand... it came on 4 or 6 floppys... :haha:

don't remember the cost, but it was real expensive :haha:

paired with a laser printer, a HP laser jet III, spent thousands on it ( $2,000 or $3,000) :haha:

how times have changed

p.s all those laughs are because it sux to cry

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Samsung 286 or 265, 33MHz with no hard drive but a hugh 5.25 inch floppy

of cos with awesome DOS black and white display

ah good ole days!! :haha:

I paid some what 1200 dollars or more? dont remember, compare to my freind's commodore with his12 inch kitchen TV hooked up mine was state of the art in that time

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Well.... I have never built my own either. My father built all of mine. Now that he is gone i will have to build my own..... It almost seems cheaper to buy them. I did have one of the old TI's with the tape player hard drive. Spent many hours programing. Sad thing is got into high school and the ti-85 i used was the same thing basically.

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I don't exactly had that first computer, but it was first computer in my house. as much as i remember it was 386 with 10mb harddrive. and the game of "Digger" was wooow!!!

i used to think to myself that what else can we expect now that we have 3inch floopy and game like digger and also a "Turbo" button which use to make game work fast.

well thats all i remember about my first computer.

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