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Ok guys this is probably off any normal topic you get in any of your forums but i dont know who else to turn to. And i know for a fact that there are some very smart people that participate in these forums.

This is a long shot but ill try, as a part of intrustbank.com's service for the last few years they had offered a service callled fetchmystuff. When you went to your sites for banking, mail or any other log-in page fetchmystuff popped up a small window asking if you wanted the service to fetch this information for you to add it to there service which was a page that would fetch all your info, and display it on one page, so by going to this one page, you could see your bank account info, it would show you all new mail from all your mail services etc. But now VerticalOne, the power behind the service has suddenly dissapeared. So now when you go to your sites like your online banking, it pops up a window that is blank. This happens every time you go to a website that has a log in dialog. On top of being annoying you also have an occasional bug in IE that starts popping up 50, maybe 100 blank pages once youv visited an unavailable page. Anyway so here is my question. How do you disable this crap from poppping up? Is it a browser plug in? Did fetch my stuff install an app to drive the service? If so i can find it anywhere. As far as i know it could be some kind of browser plug in or "hi-jack". Can anyone tell me where to find your browser plug ins? Does anyone have any ideas?? :roll:

Thanks in advance.

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bullwinkle. that program did the trick. It found the registry entry, and the dll file that was causing the problem, even removed it for me. Thanks a BUNCH. Not only did you help me but you helped a freind of mine here in wichita with me that has the same problem.

Thanks again

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