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My connection is great but people still say they lag on my host. Halo 2/Xbox.


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I have Comcast HSI 6MB/768kbps. I get good speeds on speed test. I ping around 52 to google and other sites.

In halo 2 i have a good host record i never quit games when im host to keep it good.

This morning i was playing customs with some freinds and i kept stealing host from them no matter what, no matter how hard they tryed i kept getting host. They didnt want me host because they said it was lagging. Everyone was complaining. And this isnt the first time its happend.

I mean there was only 8 people in the room and my 768kbps upload should be good up to 16 people.

I have the Linksys 4 port router but i had my computers turned off so nothing else was taking up bandwith.

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I believe he was lying when he says he gets payed for it.  :-P

First, how exactly is your network setup? What kind of cable do you have from your xbox to your router, And what kind of cable do you have leading to your modem?

If you look at the cable carefully, the ones leading to your modem "should" say CAT4, CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6 somewhere on it. And your cord leading to your xbox should be a link cable provided by Microsoft.

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i play alot of 007 on my ps2 i host tons of games with no lag and have 2 pcs hooked up to my router im only at 1mb upload but i use nothing less then belkin CAT5e along with my belkin router i noticed a huge difference in my connection when i switched from offbrand CAT5 to belkin CAT5e it could be the cables im not saying CAT5e is the answer to your problems but hey it couldn't hurt could it?

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