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I merged the two topics to form one big Futuremark thread (PC/3D results).

Hey Van, in reply #2, you posted your results for PCMark05 from your previous system, but I'm sure they'll be much higher now. When you get a chance to retest, I'd like to see the updated results.

BTW, scores are looking very good. :)

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Wow! emoticon_exp_50.gif More than doubled your last results. That's saying alot being that PCMark results are based on system performance as a whole.

Nice. emoticon_exp_23.gif

EDIT: Even beat reply #16 & 17 (Chanchan & Gregorama) who were holding the top 2 spots.

thanks  :D

here is some more PC mark scores to compare with http://www.tweak.dk/pcmark2005/se.php

VanBuren :)

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pretty good for a peice of crap amd athlon processor and 384 mb of ram

6600gt oce'd to 605mhz core and 1.17ghz memory clock

That's a pretty good score.

off topic. organ shifter, are them smilies public domain or bought or spyware dependent? would the license for them enable ca3le to put them here?

I use this program called GetSmile 1.9. (I created a video below)

I've used it since the 1.7 version and it's completely spyware free. I don't believe any of these smileys have copy protection as I've seen many of them on several different websites offered through different companies. They seem to be up for grabs and companies just incorporate them into their apps. Some of the programs do contain spyware, but not this one.

Some people search mininova.org for: GetSmile and get the torrent for the 47.76 MB (1.9) version. Of course, that's just how some people do it. wink.gif

You can also get the program from their homepage here: GetSmile

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I picked up a 7800GS AGP back on Feb 18th. The card is pretty sweet.

geforce7800gsocboxshot9iw.th.jpg geforce7800gsoccardshot1jf.th.jpg

Just thought I would update my results for the following tests:


BFG GeForce 7800GS OC AGP 256MB (475/1440) Futuremark Link




ATI RADEON 9700 PRO (AMD 3200+) Futuremark Link

BFG GeForce 7800GS OC AGP 256MB (475/1440) Futuremark Link




BFG GeForce 7800GS OC AGP 256MB (475/1438) Futuremark Link




BFG GeForce 7800GS OC AGP 256MB (499/1440) Futuremark Link



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