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Incredible speeds from Korea


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<img src="http://dc5.donga.com/zero/data/pridepc/1119934251/g.JPG">

they have cable / VDSL speed rated from 1Mbps - 100 Mbps for price from $5-$40 for homes

the image is from one of the home users testing results, thats 95.9 Mbps down / 83.2 Mbps!!!! UP :shock:

Not an Kb or kB !!!

Just like cell phone market, U.S is few years behind in home ISP for some gritty reasons :angry5:

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even FiOS is still behind one that one, until they get the Gpon cards installed in their CO's you will never see 100Mbps symmetrical service since its about i think 622Mbps with the Bpon cards right now, i think the word would be.... over selling.

G stands for Gigabite?

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