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Gmail invites.


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Thanks a ton from both of us' date=' if you dont mind would you edit your post and remove our emails from it id rather not everyone have it, never know what kinda emails wed get.. Thanks. Can we send invites or is that a no go? Thanks again, appreciated. :D[/quote']

You guys will probably have 6 invites available after a few days of opening the email. I invite 6 people and the next day i check back and have 6 invites again.

It will say how many invites you have at the top of the screen when you log into your email account.

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IIRC all of your emails become public after a month when using gmail. That is bad... So I'll stick to hotmail.

:? Yes I read that and some other interesting things, I'm trying to find the article and if I do I will link it.I do think this is a sound concept that just may need some bugs worked out,and of course I think google is very good at what they do, so we get to watch:)

8) Microwave

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i got 5 invites if anyone wants one

email me at


^^if ur smart, u'll turn that into what its supposed to be...reason i did taht was so bots dont send me spam

I am editing your post for your own sake, even if you type it like that some bots have been written smart enough to grab that also ;-) ~~~ People can just PM you through the site, per my privacy policy you are 100% safe here :P -- damn email scavenging bots

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Hi, yes I would like a G mail invite :D

This is my first time on this site.... not quite understanding the tiny font..

here is my e mail if you would send the invite, I would really appreciate it .

Thanks.  ;)

Invite sent. :D Welcome to the site, Im gonna remove your email from the message so you wont get spam. :D

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