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tweaking my friends connection


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i just tweaked my friends wireless internet.  his advertised speed is around 1.5mb down and 500 up.  after i tweaked his connection he was able to get over 1.8mb down and 700 up.  that is amazing what a program like cablenut can do for your connection.  now if i could get it to tweak my cable internet like that i would be happy.  i currently get 1.3mb down on my cable internet and about 400 up.  my advertised speed is 4mb down.  i wonder why i can't get anywhere near 4mb down?  by the way my provider is adelphia.  i am thinking about switching to this wireless internet since i don't get the speeds i am suppose to with adelphia.  the wireless internet is reasonably priced at 45 dollars a month. 

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