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Difference in ethernet cords? gaming


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I have comcast 6MB/768kbps i ping 52 to google and other websites and when i host a big team battle on halo 2 people complain about lag.

The ping that counts is their ping to you. What is it when they complain ?

I currently have just some random ethernet cords that either came with stuff or i got for free. Would upgrading my cables help me?

Unless the cables or connectors are defective there's no benifit to changing them.

A different ethernet card could change things.

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i would kill for comcast dont complain lol

Not all Comcast franchises are operated the same. Some are pretty good, others like the Comcast franchise  were I live Sucks pretty hard. It's just the luck of the draw and where you live.  It's akin to the old Cable VS DSL debate... it just depends on where you live and how good  the DSL or Cable Co that operates there is. My 2

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