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XP SP2 Scandisk HELL


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Just a normal day for some... After a reboot sys runs a scandisk on my slave drive. All seems ok.. system boots but when I try to access my slave I find that all my files dirtories.. EVERYTHING are all "00001.chk" files ie lost chains. Now I have .. well ya get the drift. It moved all the files into 5 hidden dir's and all fils are now read-only/hidden access denied!! My question is WHAT HAPPENED? I paid my "gravity tax" Is there a way to avoid something like this :headbang:

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:shock: OUCH,

This is not a good thing as you already know, I'm interested how long ago you installed sp2?? I think it may be possible to get your files back ....except doing it by hand is a long long process. Just for giggles on one of the files that are named 0001 find the file it corresponds with and try to rename it to see if that corrects that file!! Have you tried to restore to an earlier date??? what ever you do take your time , as you know once its toasted ....its GONE.....hmmmmm good luck and let us know:)

Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat!" "Again??" "Nothin' up my sleeve! Presto!" ROAAAAAR!! "Maybe I should get another hat?"

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(Bullwinkle) "Wow! This must be one of those economy models!"

Sorry couldnt resist:):)

8) Microwave

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Figured out what happend... how and why is a beyond me. Upon the scandisk my system time and date changed to next month.. ie 10/06/2004. Microsoft says.. "I changed date by mistake"... and it should not be a problem..as time is updated every 5 days... ahh when I did a system start to most recent good boot it booted to 10/08/2004, this starts the cycle over again!! I think I fixed by turning off system restore.. wiping all restore points and then rolling date back. After a hard bood ignore the scandisk request re-sync time and DATE "important" and all is well I hope life will be back to normal next month when I quit getting the message "tha file you are trying to install is older than one on disk" I did learn one thing.. "cpu-time.. ok cpu DATE.. a must! " i always thought that when ya were online 24/7 dsl/cable, etc that the time-date clock was updated. Time yes... date NO! :headbang:

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:( Microsoft: Ad ware Disrupts SP2 Installations

Microsoft (Quote, Chart) has released a critical update to fix a Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) installation problem caused by a third-party adware program called T.V. Media. (among others)

The software maker said T.V. Media, which styles itself as a permission-based contextual marketing network, disrupts the successful installation of SP2 and other critical updates.

Microsoft said PCs with T.V Media installed with the adware prevent the security-centric (oh I like that hmmm centric)SP2 from loading and serve the following error messages: "Stop: c0000135" and "winsrv was not found." (guess what there is a lot more)The computer then tries to restart itself repeatedly and forces the user to manually disable the automatic restart function

And it looks like there may be more trouble coming to paradise.......stay tuned:(

8) Microwave

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