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Can a different modem slow you down?


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My original modem transformer (plug) was malfunctioning periodically.  I'm not even sure of the make.  The new cable company came and installed a Motorola SB5100 and my speeds have taken a hit.  I test all the time (it's kind of fun!) around five different sites and I've gone from high 2/low3mbps most of the time at three or four of those sites, any time during the day, to rarely 3mbps at just one, even at 5:00am.  Low speeds were usually mid 2mbps.  Speeds now while a lot of people are surfing are even dropping into the low teens.  This rarely happened before! 

I noticed this immediately when I got home from work last night.  Do modems have "personalities" perhaps?  Any suggestions?  Not a prob I could really complain about to the cable company, they'd think I was crazy!  Thank You!

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ratchet i wonder the same thing.  my 5100 only pulls 1.5mb down on a supposed 4mb connection.  i have read many threads where people have gotten a new cable modem and their speeds went up dramaticaly.  i don't know if it has something to do with firmware or what. 

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It could be the modem.  Some units are simply flawed, it happens.  Unfortunately, there are not any real steps to see if it's the modem, but what you can do is troubleshoot your connection to make sure that it's not your computer, thus narrowing it down to the modem. 

These steps include:

-making sure that you are spyware/trojan free (to use general terms)

-performing regular maintenance on your PC

  -both found at https://testmy.net/topic-4257

  -also look at https://testmy.net/forum/t-2097

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You should also check your modem signal levels. Go to, and look for a signal page.

Generally your Downstream power level should be between -15 dBmV and 15 dBmV. Your upstream power level shouldn't be much higher that 55dBmV.

I have a Motorola SB4220, so your levels may be a little different. You should also make sure that your SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) is above 30.

If anything doesn't seem right, first check and make sure all of your connections are tight.

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