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True dat.... you'd have to be a tard to run even a light http server on his current windows98 :-P ---

But man, if you got windows 98 now you may want to just upgrade to windows 2000 -- windows XP might be too much for your box ~ what kind of CPU and hardware do you have now.

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That is a good point.. Since Windoes xp is basically the 2000 kernal repackaged with an annoying ass GUI you get the same thing... I would only recommend Linux for a server or someone who has a hell of a lot of time on there hands... Dont expect to be able to do anything for the first week with linux installed... And even at that some of your hardware might not even be supported. :roll::wink:

As long as we are on this topic here is a good article:

San Francisco (CA) - Paul Otellini, Intel's president and COO said in an interview with German press agency dpa that Linux was far from making significant progress in the desktop world. The company does not believe that the open source is able to replace Windows as the most popular desktop OS in the foreseeable time.

Otellini considers initiatives to establish the operating system as a serious alternative for Windows on the desktop as "interesting" but feels that a major shift cannot be expected soon. "The Linux projects in Munich or the Lindows PCs offered at Walmart are interesting. However, I do not see a major trend away from Windows," he said.

pic8Otellini, who is expected to replace Craig Barrett next year as chief executive officer, said that there are continued opportunities for Linux in the server space instead. As example he mentioned a project with NASA announced Tuesday, which will use 10,240 Itanium II processor to create the most powerful Linux cluster system, reaching an expected performance of about TFlops.

According to Otellini, the supercomputer carries significant "symbolic value". Managers of global companies interested in using a using a similar system in their corporate environment would now react with more confidence in the technology. "It is not just about offering the highest performing supercomputer again in America," Otellini said.

Source: Tom's Hard news

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