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Firefox Extentions

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I have the more popular fiefox extentions like customize google, FxIF, session saver, bandwith tester, tweak network, and Dr. Web anti-virus line checker. I love these extentions but I'm looking for more cool ones. Let me know if you have any good ones. Let me know where to get them on the web or just upload your file explaining to me what it's for. Thanks a bunch  :confused3:

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ill upload a pic of all my extensions in a minute; ive got some really useful ones, (though probably too many- im trying to uninstall the ones I don't use anymore so Firefox will run faster).

and BTW, don't go to addons.mozilla.com, go to http://update.mozilla.com/ because that's where updated extensions go, so you'll always find the latest version and if an extension has never been updated, i wouldn't want it, so i'm pretty sure that new extensions don't go there until the author updates them.

EDIT: Here you go, my master list of extensions after a little cleaning up. i accidentally clicked uninstall rather than update for the dictionary search extension, so ignore that. its a good extension.


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I found another Firefox extension that tricks web-sites into thinking your using IE, Netscape or Opera while you are using Firefox. It's called 'User Agent Switcher' by Chris Pederick. I found that many web-sites geared for IE are easily manipulated into thinking I am using IE while I am actually using Firefox and hence my browsing experience is just as great. Really comes in handy for web-sites using windows mediaplayer as well. Just click on the link below and afterwards reload this page and look at my sig, your using IE or Firefox or Opera while actually using Firefox. :-)



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