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upstream power level on modem


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Is it hot where you are right now? I've heard heat can make your levels rise. I think it has something to do with the metal expanding.

If it's not already, try to keep your modem out of direct sunlight. When I moved mine to a darker spot (benhind my desk), my levels went from 51dB to about 48dB or so. It's not much, but it'll help the modem last longer.

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yes it is hot out where i am.  i lost connection again today.  it seems the upstream really spikes up when it gets hot out.  so much that it knocks my modem offline.  i did notice the highest my modem connects at for upstream is 55.  i thought the modems were able to connect up to 58?  it' s back on now because the sun is going down.  i suppose i will have to call tech support again.  i called them today but they said there was a major outage in southern ohio, wv, and kentucky.  there has to be a way they can fix this.  would it possibly be a bad drop or something like that. 

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