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How did you hear about TESTMY.NET?


How did you hear about TESTMY.NET?  

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  1. 1. How did you hear about TESTMY.NET?

    • Google, Yahoo, ETC. Search
    • Friend/Family
    • Your ISP
    • Other
    • found as link on another site

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isn't it interesting that the customer services for some of the providers send their customers here...and techs are using testmy to test connections when installing...

back when ca3le first started working for cox he was in the warehouse (before he was a cable tech which was before he was sales :P) and testmy was surftohere...he was working one day and not busy so he was on the computer messin with his site and a cable tech came in for supplies and saw him on the surtohere site...he made mention about it and ca3le told him it was his site and the guy said something like...no way that they used it all the time to test peoples connections when installing and that qwest did too...wouldn't it be a trip if that guy was reading this right now and thought "hey, i think that was me"

gosh that was so long ago and looking thru here i see some of the same still...6 years later...WOW!! ...and i don't mean world of warcraft :haha:

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Hello From Kuwait, Hope To Enjoy Out My Stay Over Here.

Google Search, Was Looking Around To Check My Speed, At Office I have DSL 64, And At Home 56 Modem.

Speed At Office Is 80

At Home 38

Need To Speed up my Home Net.

ShabberVasan: welcome to the forum  :hello:...have fun while you're here...stay long and come back often...and don't forget to tell your friends...

for help with the settings you need to speed up your home connection we have an "all dial up" section... the moderators there can help you...


and when you're done there...cruise through the rest tof the forum...and don't forget the news section "in the news" (link is at the top of the pages)

again...welcome  :wave:

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