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Google invests in powerline Internet (NEWS)

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Google invests in powerline Internet

Goldman, Hearst also investors in company that provides Web access over electrical power lines.

July 7, 2005: 1:43 PM EDT

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A company that provides high-speed Internet access over electrical power lines said Thursday it has received a major investment from Google, the Hearst Corp. and Goldman Sachs.

Current Communications Group said it would use the financing to accelerate its deployment of voice, video and data services in domestic and global markets. The company declined to disclose financial terms of the investment, though the Wall Street Journal reported that it approached $100 million.

Current's service is available primarily in Cincinnati, Ohio, through a partnership with Cinergy Corp. (Research), with smaller deployments in Maryland and Hawaii.

"Clearly the technology is ready to be pushed into new markets and we are spending a great deal of our time trying to do that," said Scott Bruce, managing director of Current and its major backer, Liberty Associated Partners. "It's already commercial and ready for prime time."

Full story here: Google invests in powerline Internet

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id rather have them invest in wireless internet than using powerlines for internet. wireless should be the future, not powerlines. what happens if my laptop is plugged into the powerline connection and the powerline gets struck by lightning? there goes the internet for me, i guess. if that same thing happened and i was using wireless, id still be happily surfing the web. plus, less wires, and i hate wires.

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Yeah, wireless would be great, but the connection would have to be solid.

It does seem way too unsecure receiving your connection through powerlines. Lightning strikes the very source that carries juice to the consumer, and your internet along with everything else that needs power goes down.  :haha:

That would suck big time!

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I'm not interested in BPL either. I just have a feeling it wouldn't be too secure. Not to mention, the grid is alread overloaded as it is.

As for those talking about the power going out and not being able to get any internet, you wouldn't be able to use it on cable, DSL, etc., either unless your modem and computer was connected to a UPS.

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