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Anybody know how to write batch files?

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I run a program called Find A Drug it is similar to the project [email protected] that testmy.net runs. I need a batch file for the program so it auto configures the install. So when i send the program to people i know that aren't good with computers all they have to do is install and it is already configured properly.

I e-mailed FAD support about it and here is what they said:

You can pass the registration details as arguments

fadsetup -email [email protected] -nick Lorne -team 2091

If you extract the files into a folder (don't register), add a batch script to do the above and then create your own installation kit which executes your script, that should work.

My GF just had twins and i don't have the time to learn how to do this myself so if somebody could help me out that would be great ;)

You can download FAD here http://www.find-a-drug.org.uk/frame.html

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