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ha HA!


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i think its fine now. dont know y it wasnt working earlier... hmm... i might wanna contact freewebs bout that...

o, the sig? thats my team (not really a team; im the only one in it :wink: ) to help fight cancer and smallpox, which is a whole different site, so it should work. works for me, anyhow.

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i made a banner for my site, thanks to n-sane art's cool tutorials. ive decided that i could try to become a photoshop buff while u guys are bandwidth buffs! hows that make ya feel?mwahaha.gif im such a nerd lol 8)

No this is very cool stuff its another of my passions Im just not any good at it , but I figure if I keep trying I should get a little better,my friends are always asking me for faces or gifs or cursors and I have a few thousand of them ......now if I only knew what to do with them.....lol.....OBTW...like your site:)

8) Microwave

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