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On DSL Modems (Netopia Cayman) with both USB/ethernet can you use both for 2 pcs

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Im curious as to connecting a netopia DSL modem to both a PC and wireless router.

The Modem has one ethernet port and then a USB connection. The PC is old and running Win ME and only has a USB port no ethernet. But the Wirelesss Router would be new and used to connect a new DELL Notebook running XP.

USB is the only option for the PC unless i add either a PCI Network Card or a PCI wi-fi Card.

My question really is just that if the PC is connected via USB will the ethernet port on it still run simultaneously to feed the Wi-Fi Router. :?:

Thanks, ChrisM101

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Is the Netopia sufficiently independent that it can just plug into the wifi router and not connect to the PC? Ill just need to run wi-fi with the new notebook ASAP, and can get a card for the old PC in a few days.

Your network should be:

modem --> router --> PCs

when your modem connects to your router, it will not be able to also connect directly to a computer, whether there is an open port or not.

Is that what you mean?

edit: i think to answer your question in short: yes

be sure to do it this way though:

-power down PC's

-power down router (pull the power cord)

-power down modem (same)

-connect modem to router via ethernet, disconnect USB cable from modem if necessary

-power up modem, wait 1 min

-power up router, wait 1 min

-power up computer

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