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another SLow comcast post :angry5: :angry5:

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where do I start. Did I mention that my 6M comcast Cable connection is Slow. I get about 3M, few days ago I was getting 4M when I ran speed test on testmy.net. This wouldn't speed wouldn't be bad, not many people are able to utilize 3m, 4m or 6m connection. The worst part is the ping. My yahoo ping increased from average 33ms to average 130+ms, I ran dsl reports and the ping averages over 100ms. I play online unrealtournament and all of the servers have high pings, usually on these servers I have so much lag that the only thing I can do is disconnect. If I get bittorent the max it can go is like 150kb/s dowload with 5kb/s upload and at this point regular internet doesn't work, some messages comes out

"operation time out"

so far what I did

I power cycle modem (motorola 5100)

scanned for viruses and spyware

tried my desktop and my laptop same thing happens, it happens when connected to the router and modem

got firefox

since I have router I tried connecting through router and directly through cable modem, no successs

I don't know what to do next

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