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Comcast SPEED heLp

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OK so i just moved to seattle, and i have Comcast internet i beleive i have the 4mb pakage. OK so Im a gamer and In the past year iv lived in az,ct,and now wa. I have lots of freinds that i play games with mostly counterstrike. IN arizona with Cox i was geting speeds up to 4mb on a test. on the same TEST in coneticut i was geting speeds up to 2mb now HERE in wa on that same test i get speeds up to 1.5........ :whaa: if u wann kno the test is http://www.bandwidthplace.com/speedtest/

OK so im thinking why is it called a 4mb pakage if im getting 1.5mb/s so im trying ALL these differnt online tests i test the SPEAKEASY server on dslreports and it says im geting 2.4mb/s then i FINALY find this wierd site where test it agin in a WA server and it says im geting 4.2. this is extremely confusing i dont understand whats with all the differny messurments. ONE thing i do kno is tht i have always used the bandwidthplace server though that that HERE in WA im getting speeds even slower THAN THAT of Ct witch is ..basaicly the middle of nowhere. I have noticed on my online gaming If i try and EVEN get on a server thats OUT of STATE i get rediculus pings. i was playing in a ca server, CA is like one state away im thinking big deal im getting ping that Jumps up and down ever 2 seconds to random numbers between 40-3000 witch is just REDICULUS majority of the time it was in the 300 rnage though witch is awfull if any of u kno anything above 110 ping is unplayable pretty much. SO i cALL Comcast go through all these crap with them and there TELLINg me its my wirless router, so i open the cs ports on my wirles router SAME problem then i conect directtly 2 my modem Same thing. ANyone have any tips anything first off why am i geting all these difernt speed messurments from servers that are ALL in WA, why is it called a 4mb pakage if i get like 1500kb down and 400kb up and even at only 1.5 megs why is my internet freaking OUT IF I TRY AND

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Welcome to The Forum fandango :hello:

have you read these?:

1.Before Posting Your Problems.                                    Click this ---> https://testmy.net/topic-2097

2.Achieve the Best Performance Out of Your Computer.Click this ---------> https://testmy.net/topic-4257

3.VanBuren's Cablenut Settings.                                    Click this -----------> https://testmy.net/topic-1013

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ya sorry, i was just trying to figure out how to fix my internet so i just joined real quick and posted. i probably should have read that. i just installed cablenut and i used the .css file from this topic https://testmy.net/forum/t-4376 , the one for 4mb. what i dont understand is i have never herd of tweaking before and using that my speed just went from 1.5mb, witch is has been since we got the internet to 4.7mb witch is ... more than we payfor. so does EVERYSINGLE person with high speed internet and windows Xp get slow speeds and not relise they can tweak it.. i kno on my friends internets they get similar speeds like 2mb maybe i should tell them how. ud think windwos wid fix their regestry so people can have optimized performance instead of having all these people with slow internet calling there isp and complaining all the time becuase they dont understand why there geting such slow speeds. i kno that I called them and they didnt tell me about tweaking they just said it was my router and told me to call the router people. mmmk well i poseted the topic of the css i have. I dont kno if its that good can anyone recomended a Better one? is ther one known for being the best cus i wouldnt mind a little more speed.

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