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Windows in MSN Explorer won't open maximized


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If your IE is not corrupted, this should work but you must follow all of the steps that I am listing.

1- Open IE making sure it is Not already maximised.

2- Using your mouse, stretch the window to maximise size making sure before you do this that the window is not already in the maximised position..You need to do this when it is the regular size (restore) window size.

3- After you stretch the window to the maximise size, close IE.

4- Now open IE and click on the Maximise button.

5- Now close IE again.

If you follow the steps exactly, the next time you open IE your windows should open maximised and also, all of your "Open New Window" windows should also open maximised (or to exactly how far you stretched it in Step 2)

And always remember to close the main window Last or you'll have to do it all over again.

This is rumoured to be fixed in IE7..... :roll: :roll:


shouts to Tommy G for help on this

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