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If the old line test bad then it should help if any of your data goes through the new line & not just your voice part of the signal for your telephone.Provided it is the same guage & the isnulation on the new wire is as good as the old line.

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SBC Yahoo!  is not a good service provider for internet.  I know ppl  who live in Ohio and  they  said  that  the    prices for internet ranges from $14.95- $24.99  and  speed ranges from 384-1500Kbps down /  128-384Kbps up  for $14.95  and  for $24.99  ranges from 1.5-3.0Mbps down / 384-512Kbps up.  The only  thing  that ppl  get SBC Yahoo  for  is  for  the Yahoo All-Star membership. Best thing to go  for  is  companies like  Verizon  or Comcast    because  you  really  get  the free stuff on here.  Last Year  with verizon ,  I got  MLB TV  on my  computer  for  free  and  this year  I  got enhancements  on my speed and service.  I went  from  768 Kbps down/ 96KBps up  to 3.0 Mbps down / 384 KBps  up  FREE OF CHARGE  and being my  modem  was  4 years  old  ,  it couldn't  handle  the updated speed  so I had  to buy  the latest model from verizon  for $40  .  The Westell 2200  is  like  one of the best models of modems  around  now    with  the direct  connection  and  also the USB function ; but  with the USB function  ,  you  need  to ask  for the USB disk  to be able to use the modem  anywhere  you want to use it    just as long as  you have  the phone line connected.

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