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I need help making my verizon online dsl faster

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I'm not sure how to post download stats but i'll do whatever i know =X

Download Stats::--------------------------------------------------------------

                        Tested from::  infospeed.verizon.net

                        Download speed::  858.9KBits  //  107.4KBytes

                        Download size::  500KBytes

                        Downloaded in::  4.657seconds


This is all i know how to do by testing on that site, when i test on testmy.net, it says 0%?!?!

I have downloaded cablenut and vanburen's DSL settings.  Which one should i use?? :icon_pale:


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Hey Vanburen!

These are my statistics once again with more information.(I'm a newbie-_-)


          OS:: Windows XP Professional

          Connection Type:: DSL // DHCP

          With Router // Modem




                                              Download Average::  3849 Kbps :: 470 KB/sec --- 19849 records found (30 days of logs)

                                          You(which is me)

                                              Your Download Average = 0 Kbps :: 0 KB/s --- 0 records found (30 days of logs)



                                                              Download Size::  500KBytes

                                                              Download Speed::  820.2KBits // 102.5KBytes

                                                              Download Time::  4.877seconds


Thanks!  Oh yeah,  about which folders, umm which settings should i put that are in those folders?

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The reason why  it doesn't  work  well on infospeed.verizon.net  is  that  u need a full duplex  internet  connection (100Mbps).  The new  Westell 2200  has 10/100 available  where  the old Westell Wirespeed only had  10.

Tested on infospeed.verizon.net      2812.9Kbits  351.6KBytes  with a rate  of 1 MB at 2.8 seconds.

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