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Hard drive not reading?

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i am helping a friend with a schol project, a pc that has been broken, its an interactive project for him stil  in hs to fix it, kinda like an interactive project but i explaned to him how the pros can help u betetr than searching goole and now to prove the almighty power, again

i bow down to u real pros,

heres the problem

when the comp boots it says this

error loading PBR for decptor 2  press ctrl alt del to restart

and there are help options but its to contact the system admin

what do we do, we tried resting the bios, boot seqwuence etc, unpowering, repowering

and removing the motherboard battery to reset

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reformatt it or find out who makes the hard drive and go to there website they might have a program which can fix it. I had a hard drive that a thought sh!t the bed. I went to the site grabed there hard drive test program and used it to reformatt it cause trying to formatt it any other way wouldnt let me. The program put I think all zeros at the beginning and end of the hard drive which somehow made it to let me formatt it. I could be wrong about zeros it could have been ones but thats not the point. Make a long story short see if theres a program for ur hard drive at the website its manufactured from.If ur lucky like I was theyll have a diagnostics program to fix it. Maybe someone else will know of a program thats universal to all hard drives but im not sure if there is one.

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Do you have an old H.D.(one you don't care too much about) with an OS on it that you could hook up, and if it does the same thing , it's probably either a memory prob. or MB (corrupt BIOS)

Also check ribbon cable for defects, bent pins on the H.D. and MB where the cable connects.

Good Luck..... ;)

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ok its geting late 11pm our time, but i did check the jumpers, i dont think they sabatoged hardware just mayeb deletes sumthing important r sum shit but were stil cluieles on why it wont boot to anything even a flop[y or cd, o the floppy wasent even pluged in right rofl, maybe they are f&&&&& the hardware but i dont think so... time is shoirt tic toc tic toc

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ya and we got it to boot to cd, i used a wipe program to nuke th drive and reinstaled to avoid any othe problems and he took the time to config everything again, he said when he took it in he was the only 1 that fixed the pc so it would run stable, then then uploaded a 31/2 disk that fuked sum shit up for the second day"today" iots a one week program for the students goes toweards college credit but r ne wproblem is whatever wa son the flopy killed all viedo and sound drivers, we took a shotrtcut with drivers.com and got just the sound left but, but theres was like a hundred thing wronmg with this pc, they give em ol d pc's celeron 1's to do this on rofl, its actualy kinda fun

as of now we are close to having it top end runign againuntil they fuk ti again tomorow rofl

i apericate all ur help and he does 2


were debating on upgrading the comp with mor ememeory and a viedo card and a bigger hd, clala it extra credit rofl

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