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If Cable TV Goes Out Does That Mean?!!?


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Ok and one more question...Does the cable for the internet hook into a jack the same exact thing as a cable tv jack?? or is it slightly different?

They are the same. But if you have a splitter on one of your TV lines, the modem may not work on that outlet.

To answer your question, yes. But cable tv rarely goes out so you shouldn't have to worry about losing your internet connection too much.

Not always. Take the DNS server outage for example. The 'net went out but not cable tv. You recieve them on the same cable to your house, but they come from different locations.

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I have cable and ofcourse internet service with adelphia.... there has been times when  i didn't pay my bill for two months  and my IS got turned off  but not my cable service.... sometimes my digital service would get turned off but not my IS its upto the provider i believe..... btw i have a dedicated line without splitters striaght to my modem having my cable tv on its own splitted lines for all TV's

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Usually if my cable goes out so does my internet, cause

it is usually somebody has crashed the line with their 4wheeler.

Before we got fiber op I was losing internet often but not tv. If you

lose service for any length of time they should give you credit for

a day.

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Guest philp

Netmasta is correct, cable tv will rarely go out,

I see you don't have Time Warner cable in southeast Texas.  ;)

They are the reason I have a satellite dish now. Frequent outages and scheduled repair times "between 8 A.M. and noon or 1 P.M. and 5 P.M." sometime the following week. You know, times when every one who works will be at home, right?  :angry5:

Screw 'em and their digital cable. For channels higher than 100, that is.  :shock:

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