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have dsl but no phone


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I have dsl and it is working fine but........... The phone is dead. When i call it i get a busy signal. I have call waiting so that should rarely happen. Does anyone know what the voltages should be in the line coming into the house?

Thanks for the help  :oops:

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Guest helloimtim

I am NOT trying to be smart. That just makes no sense. Dsl and your phone is busy. I would forusre call your dsl provider and ***** a fit. Who wired it up them or you? I ask because could you of made a mistake in your setup?

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Most U.S. phone lines run an average of 80vac but some run higher. In Europe I saw some line voltages as high as 240vac. Do you have filters installed on all of your phone lines? Usually a bad filter or not using a filter will cause a DSL disconnect when you try to use the phone.

If all else fails... Call your provider. They will probably be able to assist you over the phone. If not then they should send a technician to your home.

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