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Question About Cable Internet?!?!


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not to be a dick...........but if you got a faster connection, WOULDNT THAT MAKE YOUR BROWSING FASTER TOO?

btw, are you that concerned about your connection or what you are getting beucase of something? you wil be happy with road runner, everyone i know that has it, is happy.


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not to be a dick but........... YES IT WOULD!

no he means, if he is downloading a large file and it has maxed out his connection, will his web browsing be any slower.

For me, it is slower, but see im maxing my connection most of the time so....

Look into a program like NetLimiter. When you start downloading a file, look at it, Internet Explorer(or if you use a download manager the name of that) will be on there and it will say like Enable Max Limit or something, check that box and make say 10-20 kb/s slower than what your downloading at, it will slow the download down by that much and give you that extra 10-20 kb/s for browsing or other functions. Hope this helps ya.

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