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Sof2 Svr Crashing!!! please help

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ok this problem orignated a while bak and is not a wide spread problem, client conecting to ur svr

and usaing comands like ''/ignore 12345678 and using programs like claymore a brute for pass cracker, to bomb the svr until a consel overflow causes it to crash, i can take these ppls ips and report em to thier isp and they will eventualy be baned from, thier isp get forwared to every other ispn in the country, valadiation..http://forums.filefront.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=200027 and u cna also just read any isp's contract of terms of use.

now this was sup[osta be all thy can do but now

other shit started happeing sudden ''new'' problems most times bugs and eventualy stil crash the svrs, i honstly think sum are bombing and flooding udp porots or sumthing like that would be one way but they are crashing the svrs witout even conecting, now ususaly the consel will read sumthing like "com sprint overflow for *1026 of 1260 or sumthing like thta

regardl;es unlews u have comercial svrs its almost impossible to maintain a home svr with theses "new" problems

m,y question is in 2 parts, 1 what can i do to stop the com sprint overflow"ive already done everything u would normaly think of, ingame overflow protection, increasing securitclearing cache constantly etc etc but the svr stil goes down"

2 is it possible there bombing port 20100 becuase sof require that port be freed to run period, i use port forwarding on a linksys, is there a way to secure this port so the game wil run, and it wil not cost any speed at all.


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heres wha it says exactly when it crashes because of either a compo error"hopefully'' or a noob sum whare crashing it and not directly conecting to the svr but

it says this

"Com_sprintf: overflow of 1026 in 1024 for '#s#s'    Info string length exceeded"

but this one of the "new problems"

ive also noticed that the svrs probability of crashing in doubled when im in it now, i dont know if its becuse the svr then goes outa the empty list and into the active, and he sees me in there or if its my comp sending a bad comand r sumthing to the svr

pls help

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