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Which one closets to me im in Phoenix' date='Az.[/quote']

Dosent matter, the most important is that you get full speed, try downloading the 1st and then the 2nd

If your speed is capped to 5 Mbps you can download in 625 kbps

if your first download is 300 kbps and the other 325 kbps you using all your bandwith. If not, start up the 3dr download aswell, so the sum of all downloads is your capped speed.

Now you can ping your ISP, i wasnt very clear on this in my guide, i edit it now.

VanBuren :)

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The information that Van Buren has given is pretty cool and is easy to follow,thanks for taking your time to give this to people......now if they would just follow directions, and not pick and choose which ones they think they should use it would be a lot better......LOL.....

8) Microwave

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