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Google site 'used by drug gang'

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Google site 'used by drug gang'

Ten people have been arrested in Brazil after authorities discovered them allegedly using Google's online community site, Orkut, to sell drugs.

"We discovered the drug ring first via authorised phone tapping, and later the investigation included monitoring of their activities on the internet," an officer at the Drugs Enforcement Service in Niteroi, near Rio de Janeiro, told the Reuters news agency.

Orkut, Google's popular South American community site, has recently been monitored by national authorities to identify and incriminate a drug gang that was using the service to organize a drugs distribution network. Google promptly proceeded to assist the authorities in their investigations as soon as it was notified of what was going on.

Launched in 2004, Orkut is an invitation-only network of contacts for live chat, and apparently over half of its 7 million users are from Brazil.

The community, coded by a Turkish software engineer, operated by the US-borne Google in South America, and used by Brazilian smugglers to sell marijuana and ecstasy, is a beautiful example of how modern communication technologies can span bridges of time and prejudice to bring different people together under the promise of increased wealth and criminal activity.

Full story here: Google site 'used by drug gang'

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well it's not like you "play" online or going cyber, it's just book online. You pick the girl from theirs gallery and book them.There're lots of community / group in Yahoo and Google that provide this service.Not that i use their service  ;):evil6:

And where do I find that site? :D

lol, click click click, knock knock---- :downtown:

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