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Apllication Error pop-up????


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Can anyone please explain why on some of the websites I go to, I get a "Aplication Error" pop-up right after I close the browser?, it does get pretty annoying after like 5 times a day. any help would be good, thanks.

What application is erroring out?

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Ok, I figured out the problem to the apllication error popups to some websites, I went to Tools/Internet Options/Programs/Manage Add-Ons, and I disabled the Goolge toolbar add-on. It solved my problem, but now I cant use my google toolbar, any other ways of doing this?

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I was being win98 centric.  You can try this:  BTW Never used this before so I'd try the command line first.

From:  http://windowsxp.mvps.org/IEFAQ.htm#Reinstall  Half way down the page:

  Reinstall or Repair IE / OE in Windows XP

Try IEFix: http://windowsxp.mvps.org/IEFIX.htm

Or, try the manual procedure below:

First, try reinstalling from the INF files.

Click Start/Run/Type the following command:

rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 %windir%infie.inf

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Try clearing your browser cache:

-click tools, internet options

-click delete cookies, click ok

-click delete files, check 'delete all offline content' and click ok

-click clear history

Microsoft's spyware program doesn't pick up all pests.  Try running THIS online scan.  It usually takes about 5-10 mins, and is very thorough.  Let us know if there are any files found.

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With the google toolbar, if you selected to use the advanced features, the toolbar reports info. back to google.  This might be the prob with google toolbar.  Not sure about the mcafee and why it would do that.  SP2 doesn't like that kind of unsolicited outgoing communication..

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