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ping works, browser doesn't


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-when you have a valid IP address but cannot open web pages

-test for browsing after each step

Step 1: Scan for viruses and spyware

-hopefully you are running antivirus and spyware protection programs.

-be sure to run a full system scan, one program at a time, and do not perform any other operations while these are running

-if you feel comfortable, you can also try the scan in safe mode for a more thorough scan

-if there are untreatable files, contact the vendor of the software for technical assistance

- https://testmy.net/forum/t-3924  <-- check this out for more info

Step 2: Turn off firewalls and antivirus

-turn off XP firewall by clicking start, control panel (if it says "switch to classic view" then click there), open "Windows Firewall", turn off

-look to your system tray (the icons by the clock in the bottom right), hover over each icon, if it is a firewall or antivirus then right-click it and choose exit, shut down or disable

Step 3: Ping command

-click start, click run, type "cmd" without quotes

-in the command window, type with out quotes "ping www.testmy.net"

-if the ping goes through, there will be a "ping statistics" line.  look for packet loss, and high round trip times

-if the ping is ok (no loss), proceed to Step 4: Restoring Browser Defaults

-if the ping says "unable to resolve host" or has 100% losses, try to ping by IP address

  -type without quotes "ping", and check for packet losses

-if the ping by IP address is ok (no loss), try to browse by IP address: in the address bar of your browser, type testmy.net come up? If so, it is a DNS issue.  Proceed to Step 5: DNS Settings

-if ping by URL and ping by IP address both fail, proceed to Step 6: Restoring TCP/IP

Step 4: Restoring Browser Defaults

**Note: these steps are for Internet Explorer 6 only**

-open Internet Explorer, click Tools, click Internet Options

-under the General tab:

  -click "Delete Cookies" and click "ok" to the dialogue box

  -click "Delete Files", put a check where it says "delete all offline content" and click "ok" to the dialogue box

  -click "Clear history" and click yes to the dialogue box

  -where it says "Days to keep pages in history" set it to 5 or less (the default is 20)

-under the Security tab:

  -click the "Default level" button

-under the Privacy tab:

  -click the "Default" button

-under the Connections tab:

  -make sure it is set to "Never dial a connection"

  -click the "LAN Settings" button, set it to "Automatically detect settings" and click ok

-under the Programs tab:

  -click the "Reset web settings" button, click "yes" to the dialogue box

-under the Advanced tab:

  -click the "Restore defaults" button

-click apply, then ok

-close and reopen Internet Explorer, test for browsing on a few different site

-if still no browsing, continue to Step 6: Restoring TCP/IP

Step 5: DNS Settings

**when you can browse by IP address, but not by URL**

-click start, control panel, switch to classic view, open "Network Connections"

-if you are hard-wired, look to "Local Area Connection"; if you are wireless, look to "Wireless Connection"

-right-click your connection, choose properties

-under "this connection uses the following items" click to highlight "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)"

-click properties

-set to: "obtain DNS server address automatically"

-test browse to "testmy.net" (try others also)

-if you still cannot browse by URL, continue to next step, otherwise contact your ISP to check for DNS issues

Step 6: Restoring TCP/IP

-click start, control panel, switch to classic view, open "Network Connections"

-if you are hard-wired, look to "Local Area Connection"; if you are wireless, look to "Wireless Connection"

-right-click your connection, choose properties

-click install

-choose protocol, click add

-click "have disk"

-where it says "copy manufacturer's files from" type without quotations "c:windowsinf" then click ok

-choose "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click ok

-close windows and restart computer

From: https://testmy.net/forum/t-6025

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