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Help with portfowarding again


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Hey everyone,

Awhile back i got some help from a few users on setting up portfowarding now i need to set it up a bit diffrent.

First off details: I have a Gigafast E4410 R  I have windows xp sp2 installed. I need to set it up for BitTorrent, I have ABC as my bit torrent. I been to portfowarding.com no help. Problem is i am not connectable when using ABC(bitTorrent).  I hear i need to goto NAT and special Application but i get stuck from there. I have 3 computers on my network. all i did was get the router plug it in click Automaticly detect settings. I did that on all 3 computers. the only time i can be connectable if i remove the router and plug straight to the computer to the modem

I am told i need to have Ports 6881-6999 open for portforwding on ABC. Please help thanks.

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Take a look at that.. then do that and forward it to your ip of the computer you want to use the program..  just make sure you have the right IP address.. you might want to go static if you dont want to have to redo this step every time..

start-run-cmd- ipconfig /all

You might have to click virtual server..

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