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Name Brand of Computer


What Name Brand of Computer Do You Own?  

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  1. 1. What Name Brand of Computer Do You Own?

    • Dell
    • IBM
    • Gateway
    • Emachine
    • HP/Compaq
    • Alienware
    • Apple
    • Averatec
    • Toshiba
    • two or more of the above names
    • None of the above

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I still have my 1st pc a gateway 1.3 GHz P4 (Download PC) other wise I have a Asus Mobo self built PC with all kinds of cool stuff.

I never buy a proprietory PC again unless its a laptop I plan on getting a Toshiba Satellite M60

Revision I just got a Dell 9300 inspiron w/ 760 M Centrino 512 DDR2 4200 I am upgrading with a 1 gig stick, 80 gig HDD, Nvidia 6600 w/ 256 with Media center 2005

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I have a brand spankin new hp with a 540 Intel Pentium 4 processor. With 512 MB of ram. 250GB hard drive. DVD+RW. ATI RADEON X300 SE graphics card. Personal video recorder and FM tuner. It's got the 5.1 surround sound and wireless keyboard and mouse. I have the media center addition but I don't record movies or shows. I just watch tv on it. :-)

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I have:

Dell laptop-



40gig HD

onboard vid

Main -


1gig RAM

two 80gig's

one 200 gig

gforce fx5900 xt

Other one -



one 20gig

one 120gig

some PCI card

Another -



one 40gig

voodoo 3

All except the laptop I made myself.

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I  have:

SYS Tech.

Antec Sonata, Mid Tower

Antec True 380W, low noise

AMD Athlon 64  3500+ 2.20GHz, 1600 FSB, 512 LB L2


1GB, PC3200, DDR 400MHz, dual channel

Maxtor  DiamondMax 10  200GB  HD

ATI RADEON 9600 PRO, 128 MB Vid Card

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy LS Sound Card

M/Soft Wireless Keyboard & Mouse.

Viewsonic G90fb 19" CRT Monitor.

I love this machine, it is powerful enough for me and it

is very quiet.

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I have a nice little collection:

P3 HP 600mhz w/ 512mb ram

64mb Vantra graphics

P2 Compaq 266mhz Deskpro?

128mb ram

10gb hard drive

Compaq 500mhz K6-2

512mb ram

ATI graphics PCI 32mb

P1 133mhz Gateway 2000 P5-133

256mb ram

3.2gb hard drive

ATI 16mb onboard graphics

IBM T43 2.0ghz Centrino

512mb ram

Custom 2000XP+

512mb of ram

5500 oc 256mb

Dell 8600 1.8ghz Centrino

9600pro 128mb Mobility

60gb 7200 rpm

Dell 6000 1.8 Centrino

X300 128mb

All of these systems are still in use exept for the Compaq and the Gateway 2000.  I have pics of some of these systems on this site if the posts havent been deleted..

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