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someone has to know the answer...


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k...someone today was telling me this story...

about a month ago she was typing up something for her work on her home computer...all of the sudden a little blip popped up and started eating up parts of her sentences...like a little pacman...eating just parts and leaving parts

anyway...i guess she freaked and closed it...and when she opened it back up all her work was still there up to her last saved point...she told her hubby about it but he didn't believe her (told her she must be tired) so she let it go...

about a week later it happened again...this time she watched it for a while...and it made a picture...you know eating parts of her sentences and leaving other parts...she ran and got her hubby...and he couldn't believe his eyes...then it put everything back and started over and made another picture (i forgot to ask of what)....

so...anyone know what the scoop is on this???

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Guest helloimtim

Its gotta be a simple computer prank. Possibly done by her husband and or kids? If it leaves every think behind and does not erase anything. Did she open a e-mail from a friend with an attachment.

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may be a prank...but not by her family...she lost a bunch of important stuf that she had to redo...stuff she did after her last save...she a doctor her family wouldn't do that...so ya think i may have been an email thing, huh?

crud...that's what i told her too...but i thought one of you wizzes would have heard about  something like this.

oh yeh...she said that both times it started when she typed in a string of x's

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I remember finding a site to download little programs that would rearrange your desktop icons, or randomly change colours and appearance, little animations would come up on the screen.  They would wait for the user to be logged in for like 15 or 20 mins or so, then start up real slow and gradually pick up pace.  They were fun and harmless, a good practical joke for other users of a computer.

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i have had 2 of those pranks from that site pulled on me.. the blue screen of death and the dreaded windows deletion......but at first i was mad because i figured my crappy comp. crashed but then i found out it was a trick.....still wasn't funny though    well i guess now looking back at it ,  :lol: it is kind of but it sucked at the time    :angry3:     

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