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windows vista beta


How would you rate the beta of windows vista  

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  1. 1. How would you rate the beta of windows vista

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i downloaded and burned it to dvd. now what? i restarted computer and it wont do anything  :(

did you extract the ISO? if so then just put in the disc restart

but go into your BIOs and in the BOOT section where it loads

your harddrive put it on disable and then save and exit let it

reboot again. and it will load the disc.

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you need power archiver or winzip to open it...


Now i know why i can't activate it' i need a developers kit to get the key...... downloading now'

The key comes with the download. you don't need a developers kit.

the key is in the .NFO file... open the .nfo file with notepad and it'll be in there

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Alright, I've finished my personal business for the day. It's time to format and install the 64Bit version.

I'll report back as soon as possible. :) Vista and I are about to get up close and personal! :haha:

This will be an all nighter!!

Gotta get myself a DVD burner. I couldn't find instructions on how to seperate the content on the dvd into sections so it can be burned on multiple cd-r's. Anyone familiar with this process?

Hard to believe that you can't try this out without the absolute need of a dvd burner. I need one anyway, but dang. :) Guess I'll get one today or tomorrow.

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