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windows vista beta


How would you rate the beta of windows vista  

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  1. 1. How would you rate the beta of windows vista

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Hey i have a quick one for ya.. I have a 5 gig spare drive and every time i try and install this os i get a message saying that my drive isnt big enough.. any ideas??  I can fit the iso on to a dvd.. And the guy who let me uses his beta disk got it running on a 5 gig..

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Just to make sure is this how the burnt dvd with the iso should look


NO, that is not the way it should look on the CD. The ISO file is like a zip file, you have to open it. it iwll open in your burning software with all the files then you can burn it.

Though personally I will not be downloading vista. One of the few reasons are:

My internet connection is soooo slow, well, it isn't but i don't have unlimited :(

It will be too buggy :(

And I don't pirate, so even if i did have a good internet connection and it wasn't buggy i wouldn't download it  ;)

Well, though from what I have seen here it will be one of the best OS's ever, way better than macs :) (I am a absolute mac hater ;) )

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