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Intel, AMD, and PowerPC G4


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everyone knows amd and intel are always slighter faster than latest powerpc chips, that are way out dated back to the pentium, kind of like a pentium 4 that runs half the clock

That is very true in the desktop/mobile world.. However, when it comes to top of the line server, stuff that is running 32+ CPUs at one time the Power 5, IBM's new chip, with dual core and multithread 64bit processor kicks the crap out of everything.  That means that each core, 2 cores, can handel 2 threads at a time or 4 threads total.   

You are not going to find this in your mom and pops shop..  In a recent benchmark a 64 processor IBM server with the POWER5 1.9GHz processors clocked 3.2 million transactions per minute.  The previous record for an Intel 1.08 million.. And yes that is with 64 Itanium2 1.6GHz 


Table of top 10 scores: http://www.tpc.org/tpcc/results/tpcc_perf_results.asp?resulttype=noncluster

IBM Server used in the test:http://www-03.ibm.com/servers/eserver/pseries/hardware/highend/595_browse.html

HP Server used in the test:http://www.hp.com/products1/servers/integrity/superdome_high_end/index.html <- configured with 1tb of memory..  :lol:

Did you know that IBM was also thinking about releasing a single core 64bit desktop version.. O well to bad for apple.. They might have finally had something to brag about.. The 3.2 score is from 2004.. the 32 chip setup just kick the crap out of the 64 Intel chip setup this year..

Here is just a little something to show you how fast these computers really are.. This is from one of my earlier posts about a year ago.. It is a cnet article http://news.com.com/Defense+bill+could+stifle+computer+trade/2100-7341_3-5253873.html?tag=cnetfd.buzz

talking about restricting computer sales to 3rd world countries..

MTOPS=Millions of Theoretical Operations Per Second

here is my original post.. https://testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=462.0

Doesnt even mention the 64 chip Power 5..

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I haven't read some of this thread cause i am lazy today, but as far as those laptops go i would say the AMD. Reason being athlon runs at lower core speed but is equvalent pentium chips that run 30% faster core speed. Reason is the architechture, the atlons do more work per cycle than the pentium thus able to run at a lower core speed.

Lower core speed means less heat, lower Vcore. Which= less problems and longer battery life. The apple i don't know much about so can't say anything about that. :)

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Then newer amds are alright.. the Turion's look to be a nice platform..  However, the Pentium M has speed step.  Amd has powernow.. I am not sure how that work but from what I can get from their website it looks like one you set it you are locked at that speed..  I am an intel fan all the way for the mobile platform.  However, AMD might have a winner here.  it is just going to take sometime for them to get into the market.

Here is what CNet had to say about the chips.. performance vs. battery life.


I am not sure if i agree 100% about this.. i think they might have an intel bias..

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